LA Story Studio forges Years of production and creative experience to a simple point...

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." 

"If I had to sum up my vision and value it would be with this quote from Ben Franklin," says LASS founder, Laurie Ashbourne.

"Story is my life, the hunt and thrill of finding a good one to the transcendental high of creating my own. But even old Ben knew that our creativity had to cross over into enterprise and to that end my value is that I make stories work."

Whether on page, screen, home or web, from the idea to the final produced piece – it's delivered effectively by being emotionally driven to the audience and financially rewarding to the distributor.


Laurie comes to the film industry via the feature animation world.  She spent eleven years at Walt Disney Studios, where among other things she learned the craft and nuance of story and how to balance that with the business.  After which led her into the world of documentary features as a writer/director for THE CENTER OF STORY, a doc centered on the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN.  From there she went to work as a producer and script supervisor with an acclaimed documentary director in Austin TX where they collaborated on such features as the award winning CRAWFORD (which was the first feature to premiere on Hulu and received more downloads than MARCH OF THE PENGUINS and AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH did in ticket sales) as well as the recently released 61 BULLETS.  With two features she wrote as work-for-hires in production, a half a dozen ghost-writing films and pilots in development, and a feature treatment written 5 years ago now in production with Cross Creek Pictures, she is also longstanding story analyst for Amazon Studios Feature Films and Austin Film Festival in addition to developing a production partnership with Advanced Reality in the UK.