Development Services

It’s true, there is a place called development hell but it can be avoided by presenting your project in the right way.

We cut to the heart of your story, its character arcs and themes to deliver compelling and comprehensive material that can sell your project in a quick presentation.

Most often decision makers don’t have time to read a script and we all know that screenplays are considered the blueprint to a film. Our presentation material is the next step in the rendering of it.

Our team of expert marketers and designers have promoted major studios and global brands from Proctor and Gamble to Disney to non-profit and government organizations such as NOAA and the International Storytelling Center. We love to pitch and it shows in our presentation materials.

Pitch deck


The truth of the matter is, most decision makers don't have time to read your script and many do not need to in order to know whether a project will be a fit for them. Film investors, distributors and other production partners would much rather be introduced to a project through a pitch deck.  These slick slideshows are like a brochure for your project. They cover everything from a synopsis of the story, to cast and crew bios (or desired cast and crew to go after) to film budget estimates and box office potential. Every deck is unique to every project AND to what the needs of the pitch may be. In order to provide the most accurate presentation we have to read your material (presuming we didn't write it, so we throw in a read and story notes as part of the process.

One sheet


Whether you need a leave behind, a promotional piece, or single pitch document, we will review your material and create the material best suited to your needs.

Show bible


Television and web series need a two-pronged approach to complete your presentation package. You need to be able to present the pilot episode as well as the series potential for not only one season but for its longevity potential… Whether it’s a reality show, drama, limited series, sitcom or web series we will help you frame it in concise yet thorough presentation.

Sizzle reel


Also called a ‘proof of concept,’ these short, professionally produced videos can sell a script sometimes before it is even written. We will work with your budget to craft the shots needed and then source cast and crew if you need us to and take it through the post production process so you have a complete promotional video that presents the world and characters (this can be produced without the actual talent that will be in the final production) the idea is to present the promise of the premise like a movie trailer would… to compel decisions to made in your favor.



For directors, animation houses, vfx, or animatics, to see how your project plays on screen, our skilled artists can create the storyboards and present them in the format that suits your needs.