Pre-Production Services

Everything needed to get a screenplay ready for production

There is no question that the better prepared you are before "action" the fewer surprises and costly delays you will encounter on-set. But if you're running an independent feature, you may not even know all of the things that could help your set run more smoothly.

We find that most need services ala carte but if you want the entire kit and kaboodle we're more than happy to arrange a package deal.

Budget, waterfall, film comps


Whether you need to know how much money is needed to be raised or you are pitching your project to decision makers that have a defined budget, we provide a comprehensive report and budget top-sheet using the latest industry information, tax incentives and software.


More than awesome water rushing down a cliff side, when a decision maker asks for your film waterfall they are asking when they will be paid. A waterfall projection is tailored to your project’s investment set up and if you are unsure, we will help you figure it out and compile a low-medium and high return scenario.


Need actual numbers of films you use as comparisons in your pitch? Our industry analysts will gather all of the data to justify the worth of your project.

Shooting script


Before a budget can be created your script needs to refined so that all locations, characters, effects, props and scenes are properly accounted for and identified.

DooD, day out of days scheduling


The DooD goes far beyond a White Russian loving Jeff Bridges. Many times a casting director will need to know how many days a character will be needed to see if the talent being sought can accommodate the schedule. A DooD report breaks down all locations and characters throughout the entire production schedule and most importantly shows how many days it will take to shoot at each location for each character.

Script breakdown, reports, report


A script breakdown will inform the budget, the schedule and what every department needs to get ready for production. Reports include scene and character breakdowns, props, VFX, wardrobe, shot lists and set pieces.