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Norma McCorvey AKA Jane Roe of #RoevWade was a lifelong lesbian, alcoholic, drug addict, and dirt poor, abused by her mother, impregnated by her drug dealer, she only had a 9th grade education, she didn’t have a choice in any of these things, but she was smart enough to know that she was not fit to be a mother. That was a choice she took ownership of. Her character was simple, but her life was as complicated as the issue that bears her pseudonym. In today’s horrible political climate towards women, we are proud to be telling her story. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

Our Slate of Projects


We are grateful to be in a position to be able to shepherd projects that we are passionate about. Our slate reflects a diverse range of genres and budgets. Some have been developed entirely in-house, some are co-productions and others represent strategic partnerships. We are small but agile and if we see a project's sensibilities align with ours we are more then happy to help bring it to the masses.