Writing Services

You can't solve your story problems with the same thinking used to create them.

We offer full story development services, listen closely to your ideas, sign all copyright and credit over to you, and offer affordable rates and flexible payment options. Since 2005, we have been working with studios, directors, producers, writers and IP generators to get their ideas on paper in a creative, professional, and dare we say, brilliant way. We're storytellers who believe that good stories deserve to be told regardless of where they come from.

Story from scratch, screenplay, outline, treatment, book


From action, to romantic comedy, to thriller, to biopic, to drama, to family/animated and more – our skilled and experienced writers will ghostwrite your film treatment, feature film screenplay, TV Pilot or Episode, and Reality Show Pitch, a book to adapt or a book to write, with a combination of great listening skills, professional writing ability, and industry-grade execution and formatting – all for extremely reasonable rates. You are involved every step of the way and pay as you go, adhering to the industry deal structures of deliverables. Our writers write for a living every day, and are not concerned about screen credits or royalties, they are just happy to be paid to do what they love. it's your story combined with our expertise... a win-win for all.

The process starts with us going through your existing material or idea and doing any other research that may be needed. We then, convene with you to discuss our take and how we would approach the story. Once we are confident that we are in agreement we move to the detailed outline phase, where we will also seek your input. With the foundation in place, we create the first draft of your screenplay or novel chapters. If a film or series treatment is required we would do that first. Then we revise as agreed until we have the final draft of the project deliverables.

Story triage,rewrites, rewriting, rewrite, polish, development hell


Producer breathing down your neck? Or maybe you are a producer and you know that your project needs fresh eyes. Maybe you're a pro writer but have hit 2nd act problems or dialogue just isn't your strong suit. Whether your script is on life-support and needs a page-one rewrite or it's just going through some growing pains, the script doctor is in.

We take pride in being in the thick of the industry so we understand the business marketplace today, not last year or decades ago.  Your story may stand the test of time, but it likely will require some finesse that makes it relevant and appealing to today’s decision makers. Our services take a marketing stance in every aspect of deliverables and we are not afraid to advise you on the reality of making a feature vs. a series and everything in between.

Novelties, novelty, manuscript, adaptation, the unexplained


Did Aunt Margaret write a memoir that you inherited? Maybe you've written your own, but the idea of learning screenwriting is not something you have ten years to dedicate to. Or maybe you're just savvy enough to know that the IP of a published book suits your story better. Even if your writing assignment has nothing to do with a published book, you may still need someone who can frame your story for an important presentation or (ahem) a closing argument. Yep. We do that too.